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http://gamesnodownload.com – The rules of the slot machine game. Slot machines are a game that does not need to present how famous they are. For a century now, players from all over the planet have been passionate about slot machines, so much so that since their creation, casinos have reserved important spaces for slot machines to respond to a demand that continues to increase and, let’s be honest, it becomes more and more demanding. But, before playing the slot machines, you should read our article, you will know more about the purpose of the game and about the differences that exist between the different machines. Click here for daftar poker.

The objective of the game

The player, when he goes to a slot machine, can have two objectives: he wants to make money, in which case he thinks only of taking everything he can, or simply wants to get distracted and take a while with a machine that distracts him. Yes, we assure you, distracting with the objective of taking money is also possible. Visit this site for bandar poker.

It is undoubtedly the simplicity of the way to play which has allowed the slot machines to develop so fast. Indeed, here you do not need to know the rules, it is enough that you put one or two coins in the machine and pull the lever (lately replaced by buttons). It is necessary to collect the same symbol several times in order to win. In that case, in an online casino, you just have to program the amount of your bet and insert the “coins”. Then, depending on the type of machine you have chosen as an option (number of payment lines), you can see yourself pocketing money or you will win the right to try again.

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Different types of Slot machines

There are in the land casinos but also in the online casinos, different slot machines that differ in many criteria such as the number of pay lines, the game interface, etc. We will describe here the most widespread machines in the establishments that you will frequent:

The traditional slot machines

These are the machines that are closer to the level of the machines at the beginning of the last century. They have three rollers on which a series of symbols appear. You spin the reels, expecting to see three equal symbols on the only payline.

The multi-line slot machines: these machines were put on the market to improve the player experience. They generally have 5 reels and many pay lines, up to 100 in some cases. The combinations are therefore much more numerous and the game becomes much more fun.

The Video slot machines

These also have many pay lines but in these, the game is articulated around a theme (cinema, comics, celebrities …). The interface of the machine will be much more attractive and will truly introduce you to a story. Tables and bonuses will literally transport you.

The slot machines in 3D: they are video slot machines, but they use 3D technology. Therefore, the animations are much more beautiful, which makes the game truly exciting. However, they are not found in all casinos.

The Progressive slot machines

These machines are connected to each other through a network. With each bet that the players make, a part joins a common jackpot called “jackpot”. When a player who plays in any of the machines gets the winning combination, shown in the payment table, the pot is taken, which sometimes reaches significant sums (up to several million euros).