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The wide range of loan companies operating on the non-banking market means that you can easily find the right loans for you. These include online payday loans for 60 days, which can be offered at no additional cost.

How can a loan be taken for 2 months without having to pay fees and commissions or interest to the loan company?

What are payday loans online?

What are payday loans online?

Non-bank loans should be understood as financial liabilities that are granted by non-bank loan companies.

The name “instant payday” is associated with the fact that this type of loan is granted in a very short time, as part of a simplified customer verification process. On the other hand, such loans are usually granted for a short time, an example of which is payday loans for 2 months.

A 60-day loan outside the banking system does not require collateral, and the loan decision process is very short. For customers it is also important that there is the possibility of taking payday loans online for 60 days in many loan companies.

You can borrow money for up to 2 months without leaving your home and give it back to the lender in the same way. Online loans for 60 days are becoming increasingly popular among the clients of loan companies.

The commonly accepted definition of a non-bank loan indicates that it is a loan granted by an entity, company or institution which is not a bank.

It lends for 2 months, just like a loan for 1 month or another loan period, it is subject to the provisions of the Civil Code and the Consumer Credit Act.

Article 720 of the Civil Code indicates that through a loan agreement the lender undertakes to transfer to the property of the recipient a certain amount of money or items marked only as to the species. In turn, the recipient, called the borrower, undertakes to return the same amount of money or the same amount of things of the same species and the same

An online loan for 60 days can also be defined as a consumer loan if it meets the legal requirements. In art. 3 of the Act of May 12, 2011 on consumer credit, it was indicated that a consumer credit agreement means a credit agreement in the amount not exceeding USD 255 550 or the equivalent this amount in a currency other than the Polish currency, which the creditor grants or promises to grant to the consumer in the scope of its activity.

In addition, this loan cannot be secured by a mortgage or be free. The Act does not apply to contracts in which the consumer is not obliged to pay interest and other costs related to the granting or repayment of a consumer loan.

So if you take free payday loans online for 60 days, they are loans under the Civil Code, but they cannot be defined as consumer credit.

Free loan for 60 days

Free loan for 60 days

60-day loans for free are an attractive offer for the clients of loan companies. The two-month repayment period, combined with the lack of additional fees, makes this offer worth considering.

60-day loans for free are offered to many lenders, but only for customers who meet certain requirements. Not everyone can get a free loan.

Most often, loans for 60 days for free are offered only to new clients of loan companies. They cannot be received by those who have previously used the services of a given non-bank company at any time.

At the same time, companies providing free loans also indicate online that such commitments will indeed remain free if the customer repays the loan with a payday loan within the time limit specified in the loan agreement.

When repaying payday loans, you must keep an appropriate repayment deadline. It should be remembered that it is not the moment of making the transfer for the loan company that repays the liability, but the moment of posting such amount on the lender’s account.

Non-bank loans for 60 days

Non-bank loans for 60 days

In the non-banking sphere, clients can easily take advantage of loan offers. If they want to take out non-bank loans for 60 days, they must complete the minimum formalities associated with it. Loan companies require that the customer applying for such a loan be of legal age, with full legal capacity and submit a loan application.

In most cases, it is also possible to apply for a payday loan online. Increasingly, payday loans companies grant most of their loans without personal contact with the lender. Online customer verification is enough for them.

60-day loan for proof

The basic document that allows you to take out non-bank loans is your ID card. It confirms the customer’s identity beyond any doubt.

A loan for proof for 60 days will require that you enter the data from this document in your credit application. It also happens that payday loans for proof are given only after a scan or photo of the photo ID has been sent to the loan company.

Importantly, a 60-day loan for an ID card can only be granted to a person who has Polish ID, therefore having Polish citizenship is absolutely required.

Instant pay for 60 days without BIK

Instant pay for 60 days without BIK

What makes non-bank loans more and more popular is the minimum requirements of loan companies for borrowers. They do not need to submit a full pile of documents with their loan application.

Loan companies are also not obliged to check the client in the databases of the Credit Information Bureau, i.e. in BIK. That is why their offers include payday loans without BIK.

Some loan companies already use BIK databases on a bilateral basis, but not all. That is why the BIK databases already contain partly information on non-bank loans repaid by Polish clients.

Instant payment for 60 days without BIK is granted without checking this database, which, however, does not mean that the loan company will not verify the financial standing and creditworthiness of the customer at all. It can reach other databases, such as ERIF, KRD or BIG InfoMonitor.

60 day quick loan

60 day quick loan

The short time necessary to obtain a cash loan means that you can receive a payment of money from the loan even within a dozen or so minutes of submitting the loan application. A quick loan for 60 days will help you build your home budget, and you can use it for any purpose.

Quick loans are available in a simplified lending process, which means that it is often enough to apply for a loan and then verify the customer’s identity to get the loan decision.

A common practice is a verification transfer for a symbolic amount of USD 1 or USD 0.1, which the customer must make from the account registered to his data to the account of the loan company.

If the data from the transfer and the loan application match, then the lender still checks the customer’s creditworthiness and, if applicable, the credit history and the database of the debtors to finally issue a credit decision.

How to pay back a loan for 60 days?

When the customer receives a loan for 60 days, he must then pay it back to the loan company’s account. He should keep the repayment deadline, and preferably leave at least a one-day margin in order not to worry about the risk of charging additional fees and late interest penalty.

This is particularly important in the case of free loans, when late repayment is associated with unpleasant consequences and allows the loan company to charge normal interest and other charges as per the contract.


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